The Fiscal and Legal Consulting Division

The service that this division provides, is directed to verify that the companies comply with the current tributary regulations, as well as help in the planning of taxes and orientation about the possible fiscal problems in the managerial decisions; as well as aspects that are legally related.

The main services in this Division, without being limited, are described below:

  • Fiscal Operative Diagnostic
  • Tributary planning
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Payroll Oursourcing
  • Consultancy in defense of fiscal adjustments
  • Planning of resources before the Tributary Administration and the Court of Administrative Litigation
  • Consultancy in tax evasion lawsuits and your defense before the corresponding courts
  • Auditing and consultancy in returning fiscal credits
  • Review of tax returns
  • Review of tax returns
  • Registered trademarks and patents
  • Establishing individual and legal businesses